Music Can Ease the Writing Process

When I penned my first book, A Golden Leaf in Time, I wrote in longhand. I used legal pads and I would write at a college library as I waited for my mother to finish teaching her composition class. The major issue here is that I still had to enter it into a Word program. I started with an old Mac and later when I had it transferred to a PC, many extra characters were added during the transfer. The book was never properly edited.

So, when I wrote Warm intrigues, I did something different. As in both cases, I first developed an outline deciding on how many chapters I would write and how the book would begin and end. This time, I used my television cable and put on the Music Choice channels. I chose a certain genre to fit the mood of the chapter. For example, I would use Light Classical, Love Songs or Soft Rock to name a few. I had the outline and notes that I had handwritten for the particular chapter and I keyboarded; my way until I felt that I had completely told that segment of the story.

The music in the background helped my thoughts and  fingers move swiftly across the keys. I often did one chapter a night. I was able to write notes and create the book in about five months. As writers know, once the ideas start flowing, they will not stop. So always have plenty of paper and pens close by the bed and in every room!

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