Monthly Archives: March 2014

Travel inspires!

I recently took a train trip to Memphis.  When I got there, of course, the weather was nice and mild which was inviting in itself.  After renting a car to go see a relative, it took a minute, but navigating the city all came back like riding a bike.   The music was great which is a trademark of the city.  After reconnecting with loved ones, so many conversations evolved and this inspires writers to write. 

On the return trip, I listened to a couple of professors in the scenic car and more ideas flowed.  As I listened, I traveled vicariously in my mind to the places that they were talking about in their conversation. 

And, when I got home, I talked with a very dear friend and just having had the experience of open travel, so many doors of the mind were opened.  She and I laughed as she shared stories of people close to her and I found myself saying, “Wow. That would make a great story!”  Writers need to travel and connect with others to stay inspired as they observe the simple everyday tickings of this thing called life! 



                   How do you plan your novel’s outcome?  Do you write and let the journey of your characters surprise you? Or do you have a backward plan where you write with an end in mind?

                    In my last novel, Warm Intrigues, I pretty much knew where Phoenix and Tyre would end up, but some of the twists and turns along the way even surprised me.  That is the joy of the creative process because the path meanders as it is spun with happy outcomes!

Everyday Journaling!

I write every morning, faithfully.  I believe that this will help those with writer’s block.  I write in long hand, initially and as the day goes on, ideas start flowing. This may later inspire me to write on the computer. .I keep paper and pen in every corner of the house so ideas are not lost.  I also  keep paper and pen in the car and in my purse as well. 

If I am working a particular project, this routine of putting pen to paper helps me to jot down ideas with a level of ease.  And if characters are being developed in writing, most writers know that once they start talking, you’d better be writing to capture their voices. 


Editing and Evolving!

As I re-edit my first manuscript, I realize that writers may attempt to create while working a 9 to 5 and so many errors go unnoticed.  Also, writers evolve and views change as wisdom seeps into the consciousness.  So, sometimes, writers may have to make changes.  Reviews or public feedback can often drive these decisions as well.  Research shows that even the great writers such as Bronte and Alcott had to alter their stories in the telling of Jane Eyre and Little Women to meet the approval of their readers.  So edit your manuscript until it feels right for the times.