Travel inspires!

I recently took a train trip to Memphis.  When I got there, of course, the weather was nice and mild which was inviting in itself.  After renting a car to go see a relative, it took a minute, but navigating the city all came back like riding a bike.   The music was great which is a trademark of the city.  After reconnecting with loved ones, so many conversations evolved and this inspires writers to write. 

On the return trip, I listened to a couple of professors in the scenic car and more ideas flowed.  As I listened, I traveled vicariously in my mind to the places that they were talking about in their conversation. 

And, when I got home, I talked with a very dear friend and just having had the experience of open travel, so many doors of the mind were opened.  She and I laughed as she shared stories of people close to her and I found myself saying, “Wow. That would make a great story!”  Writers need to travel and connect with others to stay inspired as they observe the simple everyday tickings of this thing called life! 

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