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A monster makes you feel fear,
It may ‘cause you drop a tear.

Often, that is its exact goal,
To make you restless in your soul.

Walk up to it and lift the mask,
You might have to simply ask.

“Why are you trying to scare me?”
The monster may look inside and see.

How unfairly it has treated you,
It’ll turn, walk away – feeling blue.


Last Straw!


Okay now! I have had enough!
You keep doing the same ‘ole stuff.

Not calling me when you said,
Why am I being misled?

Do you care about me?
If not. Time for me to see,

The truth and the sure light,
And cleave with all my might.

To let you go, far from me,
Go away. Please. Let me be.



The Library-A Location Poem

The Library

The library is such a wonderful place,
One can visit regardless, of case.

Whether simply looking for a good read,
The printed word can plant a valued seed.

Then there is the Internet wait line,
For researchers or jobseekers in a bind.

Vast spaces for simple quiet peace.
Troubling, conflicting thoughts can cease.

The library – a place open to all,
Doesn’t matter if one is short or tall.

Keep the library!  It is such a sacred space,
Which meets many needs, no matter the taste.



What is your writing genre?


Have you ever found that your writing does not fit into one genre?  I started calling my last two works spiritual romances because in spite of the fact that romance is involved, there is a need for the main characters to seek answers on this new relationship.

They have been hurt by poor choices in the past, so they must find some new ways of living if they want new results.  Both are on a more heightened spiritual journey, and they are eventually drawn to each other.  I believe it was the illustrious Maya Angelou who said, “Equals can be friends.”

The books, A Golden Leaf in Time Revised and Warm Intrigues are filled with references to books, songs and even poetry with the hopes of guiding readers to pick up some of these books.  Though there still will be challenges in relationships, I believe the more focused approach to life can assist in attracting the type of people we want in our lives.

After looking at all of the hurting people on the talk shows, I was guided to write and hopefully lead those willing to go to a library or a bookstore to paths of a higher peace.  Therefore, I would not call my books simply fiction nor just romance so, I chose to call my writing spiritual romance!


Why self-publish?

I was happy when a self-publishing company fell into my lap after countless rejections.  The nays do take their toll on a writer.  So, I was quite willing to pay to have my writings in a bound book format.

This was better than having little snippets of paper full of ideas, strewn here and there. 
Costs can rise but the good companies offer great plans that include the editing, marketing and designing of the book. So, if you feel that you have a good story that can reach others, self-publishing might be the route if traditional publishing does not offer that opportunity. Self-publishing is a springboard to share your talents with the world!


Choosing the setting of stories is a powerful element.  Some writers may give their places a fictitious name, but they usually have remnants of a place in mind.  I feel that settings are important and should be vivid in the reader’s imagination.  I have found that urban settings often change.  By the time, a piece is published, that particular location may be totally different from the original setting. 

However,  if the setting helped make a scene more believable, then it is the writer’s job to hold on to the place as they first saw it.  A  key bridge I used in one scene is no longer there, but it added to the strength of a significant meeting.   So, I kept it in the story. Writers are always making decisions and if writing  about ever-changing urban locations, sometimes etched memories will have to serve in describing locations.