What is your writing genre?


Have you ever found that your writing does not fit into one genre?  I started calling my last two works spiritual romances because in spite of the fact that romance is involved, there is a need for the main characters to seek answers on this new relationship.

They have been hurt by poor choices in the past, so they must find some new ways of living if they want new results.  Both are on a more heightened spiritual journey, and they are eventually drawn to each other.  I believe it was the illustrious Maya Angelou who said, “Equals can be friends.”

The books, A Golden Leaf in Time Revised and Warm Intrigues are filled with references to books, songs and even poetry with the hopes of guiding readers to pick up some of these books.  Though there still will be challenges in relationships, I believe the more focused approach to life can assist in attracting the type of people we want in our lives.

After looking at all of the hurting people on the talk shows, I was guided to write and hopefully lead those willing to go to a library or a bookstore to paths of a higher peace.  Therefore, I would not call my books simply fiction nor just romance so, I chose to call my writing spiritual romance!


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