Writing Poems

During National Poetry Month, I wrote eight poems to post on the Writer’s Digest website for the Poetry Challenge.  Writing poems come fairly easy for me.

I am a little old-fashioned and believe in trying to make it rhyme.  Many write simple prose, which is a poetic form as well and is equally beautiful and challenging.

We were given prompts so I think abut the subject; connect it to a feeling, emotion or memory.  Then I write the first sentence and start to think of words that rhyme with the last word of the first line.  I then attempt to write rhyming couplets, though the meter is hard to capture.

Here is one that I wrote last month when given the prompt “it’s over” or something to that effect.  I thought of a co-worker from my first job who used to holler out,” It’s all over,” in a humorous way when it was closing time at the store and the doors were locked.

Here goes:

It is All Over!

Duggan worked at the grocery store,
In Produce.  Always putting out more.

He spoke with a nice, strong accent,
His fruits and vegetables never bent.

Duggan was jolly and free,
He simply wanted to just be.

He greeted all folks the same,
Never showed any inner pain.

When the store closed its door,
His hands would raise and soar.

He’d shout, “It’s all over!”
Duggan- a true four-leafed clover.


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