Twitter’s Writers

I recently took my publisher’s advice and started my journey on social media to connect with like minds.  I believe it was Maya Angelou who said, “Equals can be friends.”  In the past three months, I have met and exchanged with new writers, painters and poets on Twitter.  I am enjoying it so much.

I have access to titles that are hot off the press, as many are advertising their art whether song, painting, photography or writing itself.  So, in the last two weeks, I read and reviewed three novels.  Writers cherish and welcome the reviews of others to post in places like Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Goodreads.

My first was Nonnie Jules’s Daydream’s Daughter, Nightmare’s Friend.  I finished it in two nights.  I could not put it down as I followed the trauma that Maiya experiences at the hands of her stepfather.  I held my breath and hoped that things would turn out well for her.  Whenever an author can make you care about the well-being of her character, then you have a good writer, which Jules is.  I quickly mailed it to a friend who also enjoys reading!

Next, I read Chris Hill’s Song of the Sea God, which takes place on an island in the UK.  A man named John Love  turns up and provides the bored islanders with an idol and hero and shows how people love their gods, no matter how flawed.  There are surprising turns of events and it held my attention until the final twist on the very last page.

And, today, I just finished Selena Haskins’ A River Moves Forward.  It takes place in Chicago in an era that I lived through.  Many of the scenes brought back precious memories from my past.  When I corresponded with Selena through Twitter, she shared that she had never been to Chicago.  Her research was good and it took a lot of courage to choose a setting where she had not been.  She pulled it off as I followed the lives of Connie and Dean and the scenes from places like the infamous Cabrini Green or Robert Taylor Homes. This was also a page-turner.

And now on to another new choice from a Twitter follower!  I think he will be surprised. What fun!


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