Blog Versatility

Blog ver

Our blogs allow us to show our versatility. Though we may be fiction writers, our blogs allow us to venture into other territories that we would not normally write about while working on a new novel. Here, I have conducted a few interviews with some Twitter writers about their works, posted some recent poems and used my blog for overall reflections or book analyses.

The writing process is so varied and we never know when we may have posted something that will inspire a new writer or open up the streams of a blocked writer. So, though there is no method to the madness, blogging is our chance to be a bit all over the place and even showcase our multiple wares.

The bottom line is to keep the fingers moving and keep writing as often as possible. When writing is done on a daily basis, it makes it easier to write when that next story idea rolls across our minds. Then, we will not hesitate to get those ideas down before they evaporate into thin air as dreams often do.


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