Smoothing Out the Thoughts


I write to smooth out my thoughts.  When my thoughts get on that

merry- go- round and keep rehashing the same old hapless events, I

pull out my trusty pen and paper and I write.

I put pen to paper and write in longhand.  I do not keyboard at these times.

As I draw out each letter my thoughts slow down and things began to fall into place.

Worrisome events take on a new perspective and I am able to minimize the negativity

as one does a computer program.

Just shut it down and do not look at it until another time.  This is what

journaling does for me. It helps to clear my mind and dire situations began

to look more hopeful.  I realize that often times, I have not truly filled up the gratitude

page. So by the time I jot down all the positives that have occurred,

I can see the light down at the end of the tunnel!




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