Set it to Music!



I was writing a piece yesterday.  I have found that if I put music on, it sets the tone for the scene. This works for me.  I was dealing with the affairs of the heart so I put on soft love songs and this helped me get in the zone.  If I am writing in my living room, I simply change the cable channel to Music Choice and choose the genre of music that will help my fingers glide across the keyboard.

In another instance, I was writing about a character on the expressway making a long trek, so I put on some light classical music and the instruments playing helped me capture the rhythm of travel.  I try to choose music that is not distracting to the pouring out of my thoughts.  I don’t want to start singing when I should be filling up the page with prolific words. So, yes, music eases my mind as a let it roll out into print.



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