Omar Opens Doors for Authors!



Readers:  Please meet Omar Luqmaan Harris- founder of the Author Discovery Daily!  He is a marketing guru, author, entrepreneur, consultant and a book publishing expert.

Hi, Lynn. Thanks again for the opportunity to collaborate with you here. Please see my answers below.

1. How do you gather you information for the Author Discovery Daily?

Well, Lynn, the Authordiscovery daily is a tool that I use to aggregate all the interesting news happening in the book and author discovery world on twitter on a daily basis. Creating your own daily digest is pretty easy. Go to and create an account to get started. I focus on specific keywords and influencers to get my news, so lets me enter in the influencers I’d like to collect stories from based on their tweets as well as lists of influencers. Then I design the background and sections of my paper and the application does the rest. It’s a great way to guarantee that you are always tweeting something of value to your followers and it nets me a consistent stream of followers, interactions with interested folks, and good conversations.

2.  I see that you have several tabs such as headlines; photos; videos; arts & entertainment; technology and business. If a writer is pressed for time, where would you suggest they zero in to get the most vital information?

The most vital information in the paper is found usually under business and technology which are the tools you need to know as a writer to get discovered by readers online.

3.  Why are you particularly interested in helping authors get discovered?

I’m interested in helping “good” authors get discovered by more readers because the more good work readers find at a variety of price points the better it is for all of us. And also, I have learned a lot from independently publishing 5 books in the past 4 years and I feel I have an obligation to give back just as the indie authors before me so generously gave back to teach me the do’s and don’ts of online promotion and marketing.

4.  How will it benefit you as a marketing guru if more authors are led to your site?

Reputation is the new currency online and the better reputation I have the more people I can reach and help. The more people I reach and help the better the overall image of indies and the better we all do with our respective readerships in terms of sales and engagement.

5. A re you getting the responses you want from writers? Why or why not?

When I first launched back in November 2012, the response was relatively timid. But as I began writing more about my unique approach to online book discovery, called the “discovery web”, the better the response I’ve seen. My biggest barrier to larger response is my ability to keep blogging on a regular basis. The more I share the better the response!

Thanks a lot Lynn!

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