When I Think of Summer 2014



As an educator and school librarian, when I think of summer, I think of freedom.  It is a time where I can take a breather from the busyness of daily stringent routines, schedules, grading, meetings and disciplining of wayward souls.  It is a time to release overall tenseness and a time to truly exhale.

So, summer is a time to let it all go and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.  This could be sitting on a beach in quiet meditation. For me, that would be writing by the water and letting my thoughts flow like the ebb and tide as the waters flap against the rocks.

Or, it could be sitting by a pool watching children run and jump and play in the water, with an ever watchful eye.  Always attentive to make sure the little ones are safe.


A place like Chicago has such a short window for summer. It is a time when I get to wear  tank tops or sleeveless blouses which rarely happens in the Windy City.  Those toes get to wiggle free in sandals and the skin gets to breathe after being covered during the other three seasons.  How liberating!

Outside of beaching, writing, hanging by the poolside or being a fashionista, the summer reminds me of  a time gone by when I would drop the top of my convertible Fiat Spider. It was nothing  like cruising up Lake Shore Drive with the wind blowing and good  music blaring.   Now, that is a real summer in Chicago.

But on a more grounded level, summer is  great time to chock down a good reading list. I have already read some interesting books written by my newly found Twitter friends.  I have read Haskins’ Riding the Waves; Poore’s Watery Ways; Smolders’ Ripping the Veil; Golden’s The Invisible Hand; Hill’s Song of the Sea God; Hedges’ Jigsaw Pieces and am now reading Brown’s Struggles of Women Folks which is allowing me to revisit some of my ancestral roots.

Through reading, I have visited Los Angeles, the Netherlands, the Dominican Republic, Tampa and the UK.  I did not have to board a plane to get there.  Oh, the beauty of the printed word!

So, as a librarian, I would say to people of all ages, if you can not get to the beach, write by the water, visit the swimming pool, showcase those new clothes or drop the top on that convertible, then get a new book. Take that vicarious trip and your summer will be filled with adventure!







2 thoughts on “When I Think of Summer 2014

  1. Thank you for the mention, Lynn! That’s very kind, and I hope you continue to enjoy your Chicago summer. By the way, those are some great books you have mentioned there, especially Jigsaw Pieces and Song of the Sea God!

  2. Thanks, Val. I was hesitant when it came to joining Twitter due to advice that a professor had given us about social media. But it has turned out to be a huge blessing for me. It has put me in touch with people that think like me and have similar lifestyles. That is a real find in 2014.

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