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Tell it to the Gatekeeper Angel


When you arrive at heaven’s gate,
Can you present a decent slate?

Can you show all you did to just help?
Or will you cry out loud and yelp?

When asked to present your personal case,
Will it be adorned with beauty and lace?

Or will you hang your head in defeated shame?
And look around to find others to blame?

Be ready for that great inevitable day,
Make sure you have many positive things to say.








Rites of Passage-Using Rituals

In Ancient Art and Ritual, as referred by Twitter writer Mark Schroeder, Harrison writes that rites and rituals strengthen man emotionally and connect him to the ‘Giver of all things.”  He knows that he needs to ‘utter’ thanks and show gratitude to show reverence and hope that his needs will continually be met.

In A Golden Leaf in Time Revised, Phoenix makes use of her symbolic name by practicing rituals and ceremonies as she hopes to become renewed daily like the Phoenix bird.  She is often heard saying that she has ‘’turned over a new leaf” as she proceeds on her new path of self-discovery.

Dances and rituals have been used to help various groups of people as they try to reach some new plateau or celebrate some good occurrence.  These rituals or pleas for mercy are often highly charged in emotion as they attempt to make contact with the gods.

Phoenix practices one ritual where she stands and raises her hands in the air and proclaims, “Out of ashes, peace will rise.” She learned this after listening to a speaker who had the audience stand and do this in all four directions. This is her way of connecting to her Higher Source as she waits for her rite of passage to higher ground and happier conditions.

art ritual

 Lynn                                                                                      July 3, 2014