Angie Bofill: A Musical Journey



My friend Kay reminded me of a music review I had written many years ago on Angie Bofill for an Atlanta magazine.  Well, I was moved to look her up and saw that she unfortunately has suffered two major strokes in the past years.

So, I decided to dedicate this blog post to Ms. Angie Bofill and hope that she continues to improve in health and spirit.  Her music touched me deeply as she sings about the affairs of the heart.

I feel that a reawakening of her music is something that would benefit us all.  Also, I would love for the younger listeners and musicians to become aware of this great sultry singer.

We too often wait too long  to celebrate our artists, so while this fantastic singer is rebounding, I want to say kudos to Angie Bofill. Thank goodness we now have U-Tube and I was able to go and listen to a few of her songs.   I think they were on her album called “Angel of the Night.”  I will cover four of her songs and this will hopefully send you to do a search on U-Tube to take a listen.

The first soulful cry can be heard in her song, “I Try.”  In this song, she seems to feel that she cannot give her mate what he wants or that he is being unnecessarily harsh to this tender soul.    One line goes, “Can’t you see that you are hurting me and I want this pain to stop?” 

She further attests to her love when she says, You know that I tried to be with you.  You know that I wanted to see you through.  You know I needed to make you mine.  It was only a matter of time.

A second cut is called “This Time I’ll Be Sweeter.”  Again she seems to be trying to reassure her mate that she will not make any mistakes. “I won’t mess around.  I won’t let you down.  Have faith in me. 

It sounds as if this relationship is being restarted and they are reconnecting.  “Say you will be mine”.  She tells him that this time she will be sweeter and that their love will run deeper.”    She ends with asking for another chance at it and is hoping that he will have faith in her.”

The third cut is “Tonight I Give In.”  She seems to contemplate whether she should give in to this new affair.  You are everything I ever dreamed would come to me.  Something is tearing me apart and it feels just fine.”  She  sounds as if she may let her guards down.

The last song  is called “I’m on Your Side.”  The introductory musical chords are outstanding and Angie Bofill slowing comes in starting off,  In the game of love…happiness is so hard to find.”

She promises her mate that she will be there for him when times get rough.  She seems to be a real friend who will be there when no one else is there.  “I can save you.  I won’t break your heart.”

I had not listened to these songs in many years, but her subject matter is timeless because there are always couples out there trying to figure it out. This is a great singer that all music lovers should check out.

I listened to her as I wrote this piece and it was a pleasant journey back down memory lane.   I would strongly suggest you go to U-Tube and listen to the soulful cries of Ms. Angela Bofill. Send her a shout of love and give yourself a hug by listening to this beautiful artist!


Lynn                                                                                                                                         August 8, 2014



2 thoughts on “Angie Bofill: A Musical Journey

  1. Lynn, I really enjoyed your article on Angie Bofil. I have always loved the highs and lows of her voice. I saw her in Seattle opening for Ramsey Lewis in the 90’s. She was Awesome! I’d wondered why I hadn’t heard about her performing in awhile. You took me down Memory Lane with the lyrics from songs on Angel of the Night. Loved that album!

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