Raising our Energy Levels

The old adage goes, “If you want to travel far, you have to travel light.”  Well, the same is true for traveling in thought.  Whenever someone is getting ready to jump a hurdle or flow over an obstacle, there has to be mental preparation.

There needs to be a plan and, a willingness to sacrifice heavy foods and drink. This helps the mind go quiet and allows the one who is in a creative mode to raise the energy level. It is similar to a plane that accelerates to a certain speed before it takes flight. 

Stuart Wilde writes, “”The other thing that helps is to have a more rarefied diet.  It increases your sensitivity. So, if your diet is very light or vegetarian, you become more aware of the subtle energies of life.  As you fast, your brain waves start to slow down, your metaphysical energy quickens and your mind goes quiet.”

I often eat light with certain fruits such as bananas, yogurt and will lean towards a regiment of nuts when deeply involved in some writing piece.  Also, when in season, I write by the lake.  Or as mentioned in previous posts, I put on music.  I am rather versatile when it comes to music so it can be light classical, love songs, or even spirituals.  It just depends on the subject of my writing. Today, I chose spirituals because they are perfect for this post as I write about states of consciousness.

Wikipedia says,” fasting is primarily the art of willing abstinence and reduction from certain or all foods, drink or both for a period of time.” We all know that heavy eating turns us into couch potatoes where all we do is eat, watch television and sleep.  This causes a considerable amount of sloth. People usually fast or eat less when trying to attain some goal. It acts as a form of practice or ritual to get in touch with spirit and get answers to some life issues.

Those who achieve a lot or are considered high achievers are often slim in stature and often considered highly intellectual in nature.  Unfortunately some artists can become so engaged in a project that they forget to eat.  This is not encouraged, but light eating does help raise the states of consciousness before one can as we, “get into the zone.”

There may be some dieting restraints and specific food choices are avoided so the body will not be bombarded with a sense of heaviness. Appetites must be mastered when a deadline is in view.

In the Bahai‘ Faith, they see limited intake or fasting as a believer’s time to “strive to make the necessary adjustment in his life and to refresh and reinvigorate the spiritual forces latent in his soul.”

Writers and artists of various forms of media must be in tune with their souls.  The mind needs to go quiet and one must be in contact with one’s soul.  Then those creative juices can flow and those hidden truths that are often deeply buried can surface. 

Sometimes, we do not really know how we feel about a matter until we start writing, painting or revealing our views on a matter through some form or medium.  We surprise ourselves and our audiences as the mysteries unravel.  Those who live with a creative person know to just let them be during the process and maybe just slide a light snack through the door. And then simply wait until he or she emerges from the writing room or studio, hopefully with a smile.

Lynn                                                                                                                                      August 30, 2014


2 thoughts on “Raising our Energy Levels

  1. I enjoyed this article. Great food for thought on eating and fasting to increase my creative energies. I need to work harder in this area.

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