Our Precious Commodities: A Tribute to Whitney


Sometimes when there has been a great loss, we jog because the pain might catch up with us. And the pain can be so excruciating.  But after we finish running, we turn and face the lion on the pathway. And so this brings my turning and facing the loss of Whitney.

It has been over two and half years and I now face the lion on the path.  I was watching The Preacher’s Wife last week though it is not yet Christmas. I simply enjoyed watching the movie and mostly getting a chance to see Whitney again, in all of her glory.

Then, the movie came on again the other night on Oxygen and I sat down and really watched it more closely.  Just as in the movie, the theme centers around taking our precious commodities for granted.  A husband and wife have fallen into a slump and it takes the appearance of Dudley, the angel, to help reawaken their love for each other.

How timely!  So many times, we take our stars, singers and beautiful gifted ones for granted expecting them to always be there.  However, we are only blessed with their earthly presence for a season.

But, this post is all about Whitney, our precious angel.  It is interesting how the gods seem to make the stars beautiful both physically and in talent.  She was a beautiful woman who could wear an evening gown like no other.  As one phrase goes, she was ‘pleasing to the eye,’ and was showcased to His glory before millions.  Whitney put the “E” in elegant.

As I continually thought about Whitney, I remember the soundtrack from The Preacher’s Wife.  My mother had that CD at the time and played it regularly.  It was one of her mantras.  I especially remember, the cut, “I Love the Lord; He Heard My Cry.”  Fortunately, I could go to the Internet and listen to it again.  I was reminded of a recent conversation with a musician friend who was grieving over the loss of keyboardist, Joe Sample.  We both agreed that we are so lucky to have U –Tube and other electronic recordings to relive those notable moments that these artists have left behind.

Also, I went to Best Buy in hopes of getting the soundtrack from The Preacher’s Wife.  They did not have it. But, instead, I left with her first CD called Whitney from 1987.  I left feeling a little disappointed but when I got home, I  discovered that it was her first album and realized that I had gotten a piece of gold for an inexpensive price.

Her spirit touched mine as I sat in the car at the lakefront and listened to this CD from the beginning of her career.  The songs that truly touched me are: Didn’t We Almost Had it All; For the Love of You and Where do Broken Hearts Go?  She closes with a duet with her mother Cissy Houston, I Know Him So Well. One cut that did not make it big from the album is Where You Are.   I liked it though I cannot say I heard it on the airwaves during her debut days.

It was a great revisit with the younger Whitney and it made me think of my journey during her lifetime.  Musicians do set the soundtrack for our lives and we can remember exactly where we were and what our mindsets were during the time that those songs were popular.

There are so many memories of Whitney.  The songs, the movies and oh just so much!  When she was Brandy’s fairy godmother in Cinderella, it was quite apparent that she had a heart of gold and I miss her.  I really miss her. In 2012, when she left us, there was such a lump in my throat.  All I could do to cope is, as I opened by saying, simply keep jogging in my mind.  Try to accept it and keep on moving.

If we take an honest look at what Whitney left us, how could we ask more of her?  We are only on loan to each other.  The comforting thing is that people who have gone on never really leave us.  They are, as my sister Janet, said about our mother, “somewhere close.”

One night, I was having a difficult time and I heard Whitney singing, I Look to You,” all night. It was as if she was serenading me and I felt comforted as her soulful voice rendered solace and peace.  Now, our precious commodity, Whitney is an angel looking out over us and with a protective wave of her magic wand, she is still bringing joy and comfort to those of us who love her.  All we have to do is turn on the music and feel her still standing close by in a long, exquisite evening gown.

Lynn                                                                                                         September 17, 2014

2 thoughts on “Our Precious Commodities: A Tribute to Whitney

  1. Loved your Whitney blog, Lynn! You really captured the Essence of this beautiful Artist in your writing. It was so nice to remember the work of this legendary Songbird, and to know that she will “always be close” to us. Thank you!

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