When Duty Calls!

As Woody Allen’s saying goes, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.”  So, the bottom line is whatever we plan, things are subject to change.  The word, CONTINGENT, should forever be sketched in our psyches.

If it is was up to us, we would all take the path of least resistance and just float through life like an easy flowing stream.   Who in his or her right mind would choose a battle or as some books call them “hard conditions?”  But, when our backs are up against the wall, we go into our closets, pull out our protective gear and dress for the occasion.  We think of all of the lessons learned and we study our old road maps that the elders left us and push the button that says, “Apply.”

I write this as I put my plans on hold and get ready to go and see about a loved one who is not feeling well at the moment.   As I mentioned in  an earlier post, my mother said that the most you can give a person during difficult moments is “your presence.”

So, I prepare to go and answer the call.  When we give, we receive bountifully.  It may not come right away and it may not come from the source to which we gave, but it is certainly coming. We reap the fruits of our labors and I have seen it time and time again.

However, we do not give to get or receive.  We give because there is a need to share our gifts and talents with others.  They say, if you do not use it, you will lose it.

Every time we leave our homes and comfort zones and interact with others, there are always chips of gold to collect along the way.  And we get to cash these chips in at a later date for our own personal uses.

As a writer, I look at this venture as an opportunity to retrieve a host of new story ideas. People are always telling their tales in an effort to replenish themselves or to put some dilemma into perspective. They are simply trying to put themselves back together again or to get a new lease on life.

All people have a need to connect and share experiences. Many know that it is often safer to tell their woes to a stranger as opposed to some fair-weather friend.  Then those sacred secrets will not end up on the rumor mill.  When shared with a totally objective person who does not know the players involved, there will be no whispers or echoes. There will be no reverberations blowing in the wind or exaggerations of the actual account.

New stories will inevitably flourish because people often talk as they wait.  And when we travel, we wait. So, this is my list of what I will take to fortify myself as I prepare to go and be of assistance to my loved one:

  • Plenty of paper to write on
  • A bag of ink pens
  • Two new books to read
  • A lightly packed bag with necessities
  • A family Bible
  • Spiritual books for daily readings
  • Snacks and comfort food
  • Financial resources
  • Lots of prayers
  • A still mind
  • A ready soul
  • A resolve to make a difference
  • A listening spirit
  • A willingness to get there

I will keep on moving as I make the journey and take it step by step. As Thich Nhat Hahn reminds me, I will do it all in a spirit of “mindfulness.”

Lynn                                                                                             September 19, 2014

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