Alternate Choices

Divvy Bikes

The other day while I was on the lakefront, a couple stopped me and asked how far they would have to walk to get to the Museum of Science and Industry.  They were obviously tourists and I told them about 25 blocks.  I assured them that it was something that they could do and certainly with each other’s company, which they seemed to enjoy.

I let them know that getting a bus there would be rather difficult after they inquired about other choices of transportation. It could be done but not without a lengthy walk and a bus transfer.  They thanked me and proceeded on the bike trail that sunny and mild October afternoon.  I assumed that they had chosen to walk as I went on to my car.

Yet, as I was driving away from the lakefront, I looked over and saw that they had decided to rent two Divvy bikes instead.  I was amazed as I saw them leaving the bike station and about to mount their bikes.  I could not get their attention, but if I had, I would have thrown them a “thumbs up,” to let them know that they had made an excellent choice.

In 2007, Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley visited Paris, France, where he personally tested out their Vélib’ bicycle sharing system and was “greatly impressed.” He determined that a similar system would work well in Chicago” (Wikipedia).

It reminded me that we can ask for suggestions and information.  We take what was given and combine it with our own mindset and come up with a solution or decision that we can live with. Together, they surely enjoyed the scenic Lake Michigan at a comfortable pace. Later, I stopped to take pictures of one of the many Divvy bike stations around the city.  I read the sign and saw that it  only costs $7 for 24 hours.  It would cost that much for a couple to simply enter a cab.

Divvy is a bicycle sharing system that launched in Chicago on June 28, 2013 initially with 750 bikes at 75 stations spanning from the Loop north to Berwyn Ave, west to Kedzie Ave, and south to 59th St. The system was planned to grow to 4,000 bicycles at 400 stations by Spring 2014 (Wikipedia).   Current mayor, Rahm Emanuel fully supports the Divvy bike program and it gains further popularity daily.

As with this young couple, there is nothing like having choices in life or alternatives.  With the biking choice, they could move with speed, have the opportunity to flex those rarely used muscles, and blow out the mental cobwebs as they cruised southward along the calm Lake Michigan.

We did briefly discuss other choices of transportation they could use after enjoying the museum.  They could return to their hotel by cab, bus, train, bike or walk back.   They had multiple choices from which to choose. We make choices that make us happy or sad; but choose, we must.  They seemed elated with the inexpensive, healthy choice that they had made as they led their blue Divvy bikes across the overpass towards the bike trail.

Lynn                                                                                                              October 9, 2014


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