Twelve Gates to the City

I like that Goodreads asks its members what they are ‘currently reading.’  As my mother used to say, “I’m reading two books simultaneously.”   Well, I have followed her lead.  First, I am reading Daniel Black’s Twelve Gates to the City. I previously read another book by him called Perfect Peace. His writing style is captivating and I actually went to the library to get this one.

TL, the main character, has gone home to Swamp Creek, Arkansas to spend time with his family.  He lives in New York, but when he gets ready to catch the bus, something will not let him leave.  The family is a little surprised when he shows up at the church because they thought that he had left town.

As it turns out, TL ends up taking the teaching post that has been left vacant by the teacher who recently passed away.  He also finds out that this beloved teacher was his biological mother.  This explains the strained relationship between him and the woman he presumed to be his mother. The plot thickens as TL searches for the cause of his sister’s death.  Deeply buried secrets began to unfold as he better understands why he could not yet leave Arkansas.  What all will he discover? What does TL need to know about the family?

Englishwoman's Guide

The other book that I am ‘currently reading,’ is An Englishwoman’s Guide to the Cowboy by June Kearns.  I was led to this book because of its reviews on Twitter.  Kearns is a UK writer and they called this one a humorous western.  What an interesting mix! I purchased it and downloaded it on my Kindle.

In this read, Annie is traveling the American West in a stagecoach with her aunt and cousin.  She is about to be wedded to an older gentleman in New York who she finds uninteresting and a bit repulsive.  They have traveled to San Francisco and are now somewhere in the area of Arizona and Texas when there is a mishap.  Annie wakes up with a man standing over her nursing her head, after she’s had a concussion. Her aunt and cousin are nowhere to be found. She has no choice but to trust him because she is truly ‘damsel in distress.’

Annie has to leave all of her belongings behind as she goes on an adventure with this total stranger.  She sees a paper coming from his satchel and notes that he is a horse thief and wanted for murder.  But there are Comanche Indians all around so her options are few. How will this English lady fare in the dangerous American West with this cowboy?  Will he help her or harm her?

Lynn                                                                                      October 29, 2014

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