Technologically Dependent

Which of our technological devices can we live without?  I had to ask myself that question and I had a difficult time deciding what was absolutely essential in order to conduct my daily life.

  • Smartphone? Though I was ‘Johnny comes lately’ to the party, I have already become quite attached to my Smartphone.  I mainly rely on it for email updates and tweets from Twitter.  Or, I use it to more closely proofread a piece that I have written; so I would say, “It is a must-have.”
  • Landline? I thought about it and admitted that I am ‘old school.’  I simply must have a house phone.  I know that the younger generations are totally dependent on their mobile devices and many do not have land lines; but mobile devices can become lost, or broken or have poor reception; so, check.  Got to have a landline!
  • Wi-Fi? – Internet service. As much as I do research and write, Wi-Fi or Internet service is not an option.  I have seen people waiting in line at the library to use the Internet for perhaps 30 minutes.  And we all know that there is never enough time to look up things.  It takes that long to decide which approach to take.  I had a lull period  once between service  and remember making treks to Kinko’s or Fed Ex; then paying to use the service, knowing that your information was not private.  Horrible memories, in fact my writing becomes more labored as think about that time.  I stop even writing about that and yes, must have Internet service and no typing on a Smartphone is not sufficient.

So, I thought I had all bases covered regarding the bare necessities.  I wasn’t thinking of anything like DVR’s or some advanced technology.  Just basic functionality.  Okay. So I breathed.  Thought I had everything covered. But oh, no!  I had forgotten about cable service.  No cable service, no television.  That simple.

Today’s HD televisions do not function without cable.  I am not looking at my shows on a computer or Smartphone, so I take a deep breath.  I pause and slowly, I add cable service whether it is RCN, Infinity or Direct TV or something.

Let’s face it, the background noise and colorful pictures help keep me grounded and entertained as I go on about other chores.  So, one more thing on the list.  And those are the very basic services just to stay afloat in 2014!

Clive James says, “It is only when they go wrong that machines remind us how powerful they are!”  I would go even further and say we feel their power when we do not have access at all.

So, chi ching!  Some things are not an option!

And oops!  Forgot my iPad! I need it to read on the Kindle. And the cash register just went chi ching; chi ching!

Lynn                                                                              November 7, 2014


3 thoughts on “Technologically Dependent

  1. Oh yes, Lynn, how we do rely on our technology! I don’t have a landline (not possible in the harbour), nor do I have a TV, but living without WiFi is very difficult as I have discovered. For me, this and a mobile phone are the only non-negotiables. Although I have a sort of smartphone, I rarely use it as such. I do need a mobile phone, but it doesn’t have to be very clever. Great post, Lynn! It made me think!

    1. Val. I was put in a situation where I had to choose. It is amazing what we get attached to in 2014. Of course, the less dependent we are, the better! Just a reality check!

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