When I think of harmony, I think of smiling.   Here are some of the things that make me smile: seeing the face of a loved one; completing a task or job and getting the a-okay sign; being appreciated for my efforts to make a difference and of course, having an abundance of cash on hand.

Harmony is equivalent to a good feeling or a sense of peace.  It comes from the inside which means that we have made peace with our surroundings and those outside forces. It can even be retained when antagonistic or opposing forces are raging.  Many spiritual books call that secret space where harmony remains ‘the eye of the storm.’   That center remains steady when the winds around are swirling and damaging everything on its path.

It may take a few affirmations or sayings to keep that untouchable spot unscathed, but it can be achieved.  I have often used the simple but powerful statement, “Peace be still.”  It may have to be repeated several times but, as one minister said, “It works if you work it.”

The challenge is to slow down the racing and jogging thoughts.  If we can capture those runaway thoughts and calm down, we can find that sense of inner harmony.  It also allows us to look into the faces of those who have not been so loving or have decidedly acted against us and still smile and feel harmonious.  It may be ‘game face on’ but we can get through it with the exterior self and even the interior self very much intact.

I remember a song that the children used to sing when I worked at a day camp one summer.  They sang, “It just doesn’t matter.  It just doesn’t matter.”  What a nice little motto and antidote to riveting conditions!

Harmony can be a hard won battle but it is also an inner knowing that reminds me of the title of a book my mother had called, I’m Ok, You’re Ok by Thomas A. Harris.   We can allow others to be themselves and still have the right and freedom to be ourselves.

It is a very big world and there is room for all of us.  As they say, we each write our own tickets.  We all have choices in matters.  Jeremy Collier writes, “Everyone has a fair turn to be as great as he pleases.”

Harmony is a choice and once we make peace with events, people and circumstances, the smile does not have to be a ‘game face.’ It can be a genuine face of contentment emanating from a soul who has found harmony from deep within and followed the elders’ advice,” to hold your peace.”

Lynn                                                                           November 13, 2014


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