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What is beauty? As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Well, when I think of beauty, these images roll across the screens of my mind.  Items such as a beautiful painting, perhaps Impressionistic in nature; a colorful sunset signaling that the day is done; an innocent and laughing child, free of everyday concerns; a resolution to a longstanding problem; and always a reunion with a loved one.

I pause. Selah. On a second wind of breath, I continue to think of what I would call a thing of  beauty.  Beauty could be getting some good news like the acceptance of a book deal; being hired for a coveted position;  witnessing a teen, ‘getting it’ and transforming into a responsible young adult or a mate who finally understands your meaning.

Beauty could also mean finally reaching that place where we, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, the title of Richard Carlson’s popular book.  It is when we have figured out what is really important in life such as having enough and knowing when we have enough.  Beauty is counting what is working and noting that more is working than not.

My mother always had a surefire method of weighing situations.  She said, “Take a sheet of paper; draw a line down the middle and label the two columns. Label one as Pros and the other as Cons. Then, list the positives and negatives about any situation.  Of, course, if the Pros outweighed the Con’s, it might be something that was worth salvaging.  But, if the Cons had a longer list, perhaps it was time to pull out the librarian stamp and place DISCARD on it.  Toss it and move on.

Now, that is truly a thing of beauty.  Trashing what we no longer need or what no longer serves us lightens our loads so we can tally ho, as the British say.  And  we do not have to wait until spring to do the cleaning.  It can happen anytime of the year!

A few other things that come to mind when I think of beauty are: serenity; calm; a soothing waterfront; a morning sunrise; peace; trustworthy friends; good music, cooking a favorite dish; creating a wall hanging; painting a picture; writing a poem; developing a character; conversing with a like-minded friend; a Tiffany lamp lighting up a room; a prism spewing rainbows on the walls; wind chimes clinking lightly against the wind; a bouquet of flowers; a bonus check; silent alliances supporting your efforts and mostly, people seeing you for who you are after peering down into the depths of your soul.  Now, those are truly things of beauty.

How would you define beauty?

Lynn                                                                             November 15, 2014


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