Joy comes in the morning

Joy is when we wake up from a bad dream and know that it was only a dream!  As the Biblical quote goes, “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.” Psalms 30:5

There is nothing like seeing the sunlight peeking through your window as a rooster somewhere cock-a- doodle doooo’s saying, “Get up! Time to rise and shine!  Time for a new and fresh start.  As Benjamin Franklin reminds us, “The early bird catches the worm.”  So each day is a joy- filled chance to put some more seeds in the ground or cut back some of the growth already there. One thing is certain; each new day brings the opportunity to put some new things in place that will sprout in the future.

In my novella, A Golden Leaf in Time Revised. Phoenix is poignantly named for the phoenix bird, which renews and awakens each day to begin new possibilities.  She vows to take action and works towards bringing more positive experiences into her world.  Modern Thought, a work from 1889 said, “Action goes farther than speculation; it changes possibilities or simple probabilities into realities.”

So, as one scripture says, ‘Count it all joy’ as we progress from one step to the next.  Joy is when we can look back for a brief moment, reflect and see what ‘by-products’ we have produced as a result as our labors.

It could be a happy healthy child, an accomplished adult-child who makes us smile; a student sent into the world adequately able to compete because of good teachers; or a minister who saved a soul by showing someone the assets of living a clean, moral life.

Joy comes in so many forms wrapped in a variety of illusive baskets.  There are numerous things that occur in a single day that bring us joy. Oh, if we only had time to stop and jot them down!  It could something as simple as hearing a song on the radio that makes us smile, reminisce or even dance in our seats.

There are the small things that keep us feeling uplifted and  joyful such as a brief chat with someone while waiting in line; or a friend checking to see if we are okay; a light snack that hits the spot or laughing at a joke told by some comic on television.

Joy comes in a host of hardly noticeable ways and each day we should give thanks because we are alive. Thich Nhat Hahn titled one of his books, Breathe, You are Alive.  One of his breathing exercises reads, “Breathing in, I feel joyful.  Breathing out, I feel joyful.”  Breathe and enjoy your life!

Lynn                                                                                  November 17, 2014

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