It is cold!  I thought I had dressed for the winter blast, but when the wind hit me this morning, I felt like I had on summer clothes.  My turtle neck, two layered set of items, a winter hat and winter jacket simply were not enough.  Brrr!!!!

Okay, I thought,’ When I go back out, I know what to do.’  It’s time to pull out the real reinforcements like extra scarves, long johns and the whole nine yards.  I got over the shock of how cold it actually was and my car even winced as I warmed her up.   I wanted to say, “Welcome to winter, my sweet.”

So, the two of us, my car and me, did a quick attitude adjustment and admitted, ‘Hey, it is mid-November.’  After we both warmed up and started our journey, I noted how others were faring in the cold. I saw one bicyclist who had on a full face mask, with sunglasses!   I could not see him, but he obviously could see us, as he navigated his way through traffic.

One woman was standing on the street between two cars  with a small child in tow.  Her jacket was wide open and she didn’t have on a hat. She was looking quite distressed.  I first thought that she was going to her car, but as I looked in the rear view mirror, I saw that she was actually crossing the street.   I looked to the left and saw a school. and knew where she was headed with the toddler.  I know that this mother had not listened to the weather report before she came out. She had to be freezing.

The frigid temperatures were deceptive because it was dry and sunny.  But once the wind started to pierce those ear and finger tips, it was clear that this was a serious situation.  It had snowed earlier, but the wind chill came roaring in with a vengeance.

I continued on my journey and noticed the steam and vapor coming from the back of the city bus.  It was as if the bus was saying, ‘I am functioning, but this weather is requiring all I’ve got.’  If only buses could talk!

I saw a Metra train to my left zooming by and all seemed to working well there.  I imagine that it was filled with warm, comfortable passengers.  My experiences with Metra have always been good.  But, sure enough, later  on the evening news, they too had their share of problems.  The cold had affected their equipment and the machinery was also feeling the pain.

Amtrak rolled by and seemed to be chugging along with no problems.  As I sat at stop lights, I had the opportunity to observe several modes of transportation.  I later reached my destination, giving thanks for heat and some good music.  That always helps any commute and once I arrived to where I was going,  I parked with ease.

But the minute I got out of the car, I felt as if I was in Alaska.  I had to get something from the trunk and I had to do a little dance to keep my energy flowing as I searched for the items.  I left the cutesy gloves in my pocket and quickly reached for my lined gloves that I keep in the car.  When, I finally pulled it all together, I walked briskly, almost in jog-mode to the entrance of the building.

When I entered the business, I exhaled when I felt the  warmth and comfort.  I sighed, “Yes!”  It was a brief visit, but the reprieve from the cold was nice and comfy. When it was time to go back out and brave the elements again, I took a deep breath, made sure I was all wrapped up and when I opened the door, all I could say was “Brrr!”

Lynn                                                                                     November 19, 2014


2 thoughts on “Brrr!!!

  1. The author describes the sights and feelings of frigid cold in Chicago so vividly for me. This brings back so many memories of winters in Chi. I splurged on a pair of sheepskin lined gloves, from Carson’s, to get my hands through those cold winters. Wish I had those gloves today. Had even considered buying a fur coat before I moved from Chi. Definitely time for that “winter box” to come out of the closet for awhile. It appears that we are in for another long winter. ;-(

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