The Baha’i House of Worship

Bahai Temple 11-14

I wrote an article about this magnificent structure many years ago.  As I revisited it today, the same feelings came rushing back.   I came around the curve,  looked to my left and there sat the Baha’i House of Worship.  It’s a breathtaking sight because it’s like seeing the Taj Mahal in a residential area.  The majestic structure stood with all of is elegance waiting to be noticed.  It was just as I remembered it!

Initially, I parked in a lot that said Baha’i House of Worship, but I thought, this must be an overflow lot. So I went to where I remembered the lot used to be located near Linden Avenue; but the spiritual hand knew what was right. I was in the right spot at the first turn.

The old parking lot was under repair, so I went back the first parking lot. The minute after I got out of the car, I took a picture of the temple from across the street.  It demands that type of attention and I could not wait before capturing my first shot.

I crossed the street. The weather was dry and sunny.  I  walked to the temple  as the crisp morning refreshed my spirits.  I climbed the steps knowing that I was in for a pleasant experience.  Once I reached the entrance, two greeters opened the door with welcoming smiles.  I was guided to pick up a few brochures. I then headed into the sanctuary and found a place to sit in the plush chairs.

There were a handful of people sitting in quiet meditation.  I sat down in the serene atmosphere.  The only sounds were those of the lawn mowers from outside.  I felt the same sense of awe that I had felt years ago as I looked around at the sacred beauty of the décor.  The lace-like walls, the golden lamp posts, the fresh flowers on both sides of the podium were some of the first items that I noted.

I decided to jot down a few things and commit them to memory.  The sun came through the oblong windows and as I looked up, the windows on the second level had sheer white curtains which gave a nice calming effect.  I sat for a moment, closed my eyes and simply took it all in as I let go of some of my own personal concerns.

I opened my eyes and looked up at the unique design in the ceiling.  I wanted to get the description right so I looked back on the words I had previously written. They read, “The dome-like top of the building symbolizes the nine fingertips ‘touching to praise God.’ The lace-like pattern typifies the inter-woven religions of all men.”  .  One of the newly acquired brochures reminded me that, “The Baha’i faith is open to all people and focuses on the oneness of humanity and dignity of every human being.”

I continually sat and enjoyed the silence.  I felt safe and secure by merely being in  this presence and further cleared my mind.   I considered staying for the 12:30 afternoon devotion, but my time there had been sufficient.  I was ready to go back out and face the world, but more fortified.

There were several sayings and scriptures displayed around the walls. As I looked at the other people in deep contemplation, I knew we were on a common mission. I felt connected to the others and reconnected within myself. I chose this saying from the wall. “Ye are the fruits of one tree!” I left the Baha’i House of Worship feeling a sense of renewal and  went on to enjoy the rest of the day.



Lynn                                                                                                  November 23, 2014




2 thoughts on “The Baha’i House of Worship

  1. The Baha’i Temple is SO beautiful. I enjoyed your description of the inside of the temple and the inner peace you experienced just sitting in there. I wish I’d had the opportunity to go inside of it. I used to drive up there at night. It’s a site to behold as you turn that corner, next to the dark Lake. Thanks for the memory Lynn!

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