There is nothing like a good, brisk walk.  Henry David Thoreau said, “An early walk is a blessing for the whole day.” This morning, I parked my car quite a distance from where I needed to be because I wasn’t sure about where I was going.  A woman assisted me by pointing to the right building. She suggested that I go and get my car rather than make the long trek.  I started to take her advice, but then I thought about Thoreau’s quote and decided to walk.

The weather was dry, sunny and the air was quite crisp.  It was the perfect time to blow out those muddled thoughts and let the wind take them and drop them somewhere else.   A good walk is energizing any time of the day.  It pumps those leg muscles and clears away those mental cobwebs.

When we walk, it gives us new perspectives on things and helps us see situations and people from new angles.  We recognize our angels and we see the not so glorious, but mainly, we see more clearly.

I often walk on the lakefront and it helps me breathe as I enjoy nature.  The fresh wind blowing against my face is comparable to a morning facial washing after a good night’s sleep.  That fresh air is essential and it is also one of the first things that a good doctor advises.

For years, jogging was thought to be the most energizing mode of good recreation; but it was later discovered, that a nice walk is adequate enough.  The southern malls used to open its doors to the local residents for morning walks before the stores opened. This was a safe environment for many of the seniors. I don’t know if this is still being done, but it was very popular at the time.

A few years back, my mother and I used to take advantage of a local high school’s race track for our evening strolls.  Many people from the community were also out there walking at different paces. Some had on headphones as they listened to music; some conversed with their walking partners and others just listened to their own thoughts or to the sounds of nature.  It was a wonderful way to de-stress after the work day.

Yes we will walk with a walk that is measured and slow.”  (Where the Sidewalk Ends-Shel Silverstein)

I thought about famous paintings of people taking a walk, stroll or une promenade.  One that comes to mind is Georges Seurat’s A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte later made into a musical called A Sunday in the Park with George.  There is nothing like a relaxing walk!

Sunday in the Park w George

Lynn                                                                                                        November 25, 2014


2 thoughts on “Walking

  1. Taking a nice, brisk walk is extremely refreshing! I find that it helps me to clear the “background chatter” in my mind. Even though I walk the treadmill on these rainy Northwest days, it doesn’t take the place of being outside in the fresh air while observing the changes occurring in Nature.
    That Seurat painting is one of my all-time favorites! Wouldn’t mind seeing that musical again.

    1. Kay. I had forgotten that you were an art major. Yes that is a special painting and a walk outdoors beats the gym. Thanks for your wonderful responses to my blog posts. Lynn

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