We Give Thanks!

At this Thanksgiving season of 2014, we stop and give ample thanks to our heavenly Father who has reigned down superfluous blessings in our lives.

He has brought us through ‘many waters, meaning He has brought us out of many adverse situations or conditions.  He has sent “helpers” that we need to assist in sustaining us and who brought huge shoulders and protecting arms to engulf us.

He has seen to it that we have shelter.  Wayne Dyer says we should be thankful for our roofs.  Though we may have felt we wanted or deserved better shelters, we give thanks that we were under a roof and not outside fighting the elements such as rain, sleet, snow or frigid temperatures.

We have clothing.  They may not be the ‘threads’ (street lingo) that we once wore, but we still have clothes.  We are warm, comfortable and we have what we need. It is enough. For that, we give humble thanks.

We have food.  We are thankful for ‘our daily bread.’ It may appear to be an uncertain future, but our daily needs are met and a way is provided for us to nourish our bodies with the essential nutrients.  We send up a huge thanks!

We give thanks that we are able-bodied and can carry out our daily functions.  One minister said, “If you can look up, you can get up.” Each day we wake up and can get around, even with assistance, we still give thanks.

And we should all send up praises and thanks for seeing another Thanksgiving.  We have the opportunity to show reverence, have silent consecrated moments in the stillness and to share our voices of acknowledging the grace that has placed our feet on higher ground.

As we break bread on this Thanksgiving with our loved ones or alone, we should all remember that we are never alone.  There is an Invisible Presence that encompasses us, surrounds us, guides us and gently points the way.  It is our duty to listen and receive the directions.  And for that, we give eternal thanks!Thank You

Lynn                                                                         November 26, 2014

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