Travel Logs

I was going through some old papers the other day and I realized the importance of keeping a travel log. I wanted to blog about a literary experience that I‘d had over a decade ago. Thanks to my careful notes, I was able to relive that appointment and then revisit the time spent there.

We take so much for granted and sometimes we don’t take note of the details that we have witnessed. I have talked with people who have traveled to far and exotic lands and they cannot give me the type of description that I am looking for after having had such a great opportunity.

I want to hear about the landscape; the people and how they interacted; the food and the menus; the attire and etc.  I guess that is why I like travel shows.  I am always disappointed when travelers cannot make me feel as if I had been there. I wonder if they even noticed the surroundings or maybe their minds were just on other things.

The travel shows make me feel that I have had the experience to the point where I may feel that I  do not need to make that particular trip.  Details are really colorful and that is why I write things down.  I can pull out my notes from my travel log, add it to my memory and give a vivid account of my experience in that place.

We have all been inundated with those travelers who have brought out the old 300 slides of their summer vacation, back when the carousel was being used and bore us to tears.  Many times, 20 of the pictures looked identical and we cringed as we wondered when it would end.  So, no, that is not what I had in mind.

When someone asks us about our travel or a vacation that lets us know that they want to hear about our adventure. We can lean on our travel logs and give them a full description of that location. We should make them feel as if they have taken a flight there, by talking about the weather, the people, the scenery, the food, the fashions and the overall pace of life. We can also highlight those extra mini trips that were included in the travel package.

Then the listener might say, “Well, since you’ve  just  taken me there, I can use my vacation for the next place on my list!”

Lynn                                                                              November 27, 2014


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