Writing it Down!


How do some people get so much down?  How do they always seem to be ahead of the game?  They probably write things down and make lists. I have studied time-management and every moment counts for those of us who are serious about getting things done.  William Shakespeare said, “Make use of time; let not advantage slip.”

I make several lists throughout the day, but most certainly in the morning.  Yes, those ‘things- to- do’ lists actually do work quite well. I cross items off after the tasks have been completed.  Sometimes, I may have to move an item over to the next day.  As we all know, ‘the best laid plans of mice and men go astray.’  But having a visible list helps us keep those ‘must-do’s’ in the forefront of our minds.

There are several types of lists that can be kept to make sure we are in the progressive mode.  I keep lists for household chores, one for financial affairs and of course on-the job duties.  The household list includes whatever it takes to keep everything rolling along.  The financial one is a strategy for paying bills and the on-the-job list of course will vary.  But, we know what we were hired to do.

When I watch television, I still might be working on a project that is on my list.  I could be grading papers or doing some light writing. I can still listen to the TV show and look up at intervals.  Let’s face it; we all feel better when those things are DONE. We are all well-intentioned and we all have the lure of being a couch potato; but when tasks are completed, there is room for real enjoyment.

Nothing makes us feel more disjointed than procrastination.  We may not be able to pinpoint what is really bothering us, but we know that there is that this gnawing feeling which will not leave us alone.  We may try to relax, but that little voice seems to sit on our shoulders saying, “You know you need to get that done.”

I would say, go on and make those daily lists. Strike off things once they have been accomplished.  Then, the relaxing time is earned because you have stayed the course. Now, you can just be!   People may wonder how you get so much done.

Lord Chesterfield writes, “I recommend you take care of the minutes and the hours will take care of themselves.”

Lynn                                                                                          November 28, 2014

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