Charles and benches

I find waterfronts to be soothing! Different lakes and rivers have offered me comfort at varied points in my life. Each has its own of unique serenity and bounty.  I fare better in cities that have a waterfront.  I briefly lived in a couple of landlocked cities that only had man-made reservoirs; but having them was better than no water at all. Certain bodies of water have served as regular comforters.

Lake Michigan has been a stay in my life. Its blue, normally tame waters add to its special beauty.  Yet, it can become quite turbulent and its appearance can be deceiving.  During the summer months, there are a number of boating mishaps; but, for those who simply want to venture close and stay along the shore, it’s fairly safe.  Today, I saw dog owners letting their pets run freely along the beach.  The dogs truly enjoyed their freedom!

I‘ve take numerous walks on Lake Michigan and this year I have written quite a few blog posts at the 39th Street beach in the City. I used to sit and write on one particular bench labeled the Peace Grove.  It was dedicated by some group and I was always happy to see it empty as I rushed to occupy it. Or, I would sit on the rocks and write or stay in my car and write as I looked out over the lake’s horizon dotted with sailboats.

Then there is the mighty Mississippi River, known as Old Man River.  All who know her give her the utmost respect and stand in awe of her power.  There are many tales of its overflowing banks, drownings and its infamous suck holes.  The Mississippi is a force to be reckoned with; but it still offers solace to those who live nearby.

While living in the mid-south, my coworker, Donna and I would go to a place called The Pier located on the riverfront after work. We had seafood and wine as we watched the sun slowly descend as we rehashed the day’s events.  When the sun had set, we were ready to go home and renew.  It makes me think of one of William Faulkner’s pieces called That Evening Sun which speaks to the importance of seeing a day come to an end.  The sunsets over the Mississippi bluff are a beautiful sight to behold!

And then there are three waterfronts in the Boston area that I frequently visited. I would take the train to Revere Beach and spend time there.  It sits on the Massachusetts Bay and I would sit on the beach or under the gazebo. As I peered out over the horizon and its blue skies, the possibilities seemed endless. In about an hour or so, I felt refreshed and would head back to the train. I also went to Rowe’s Wharf which is located on the Boston Harbor.  There are benches available and I would sit close to the docked yachts and look at the water taxis as they came in from the airport. And, oh, there is the Charles River who became my friend. How could I forget?  I cannot count the days that I walked, sat, wrote and meditated there with my music. All three, ah, so healing!

Some people like to be on the water and that’s fine; but sitting on the banks is sufficient for me. Being close to the water allows me to breathe, exhale, renew and each visit gives me a new lease on life.

Lynn                                                                               November 29, 2014

2 thoughts on “Waterfronts

  1. I enjoyed the visual experience of walking the waterfronts that you described! Especially my Beloved Lake Michigan. Your descriptions are so vivid that the reader can’t help but take a mental journey along the lakes and rivers while reading. I would use this story to analyze descriptive writing if I was teaching a lesson on Adjectives with students. Well written piece, Lynn! 😉

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