Paying Debts

My beloved cousin, Kenneth wrote a poem called, Paying Dues, some time ago.  I thought of him and his poem today while creating this post.  We pay our dues and we pay our debts.  Nothing is given to us for free and we generally earn the things that we enjoy.  That includes our spiritual rewards and our material pleasures.

Spiritual rewards simply come by applying the Golden Rule. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  It is a basic law that works and assures a rich harvest.  But sometimes, we miss the mark and when we do, it is our responsibility to ‘fess up’ and make amends whenever possible.  If an apology is due after an affront, then we should try to make things right or at least tolerable so all may live in peaceful co-existence.  Now, that is a term that I have not heard in a while.

On the material plane, it’s that time of year where many of us are creating a lot of debt in order to have a joyous holiday.  Those debts can add up as we shop. That little voice says, “Just one more thing, please.” And we go on and drop it in the cart and our credit cards moan in pain as we stretch them to their limits.  So, we have to make lists, schedules and get a handle on our debt.  Starting the New Year off in deep debt is never a good idea.

I personally try to keep my creditors quiet as I pay my debts and put one foot in front of the other. I may use a calendar or sheets of paper listing who’s owed and what amounts. Paying up can be a pain, but on the second thought, it is actually a pleasurable occasion. I am always happy when I have enough to use bill pay or write checks.

We should never pay those bills grudgingly because for every debt, there was a service rendered. It could be for our roofs, lights, phones or Internet service.  We should bless our providers and know that we needed their products to exist comfortably in 2014.

Being in the clear gives us a light feeling and a sense of liberty after we have handled the business at hand.  And while we are paying financial debts, we should also share our debt of gratitude with those people who helped us along the way. Their spontaneous assistance gave us a chance to be here to click the mouse!

Freedom is low overhead, “according to Various Attractions.

Lynn                                                                                                                            November 30, 2014


2 thoughts on “Paying Debts

  1. Just finished paying debts on Bill Pay. I’m always thankful that I can pay my bills and so grateful for the services I use. Your words reminded me of how important it is to use that Golden Rule in order to live a peaceful co-existence. I gave up overspending and running up the credit cards years ago. Good food for thought Lynn!

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