Let It Go!


We must let go of bitterness and aridity.  Holding on to those emotions is like walking through a desert with no oasis in sight. I woke up the other night with these words playing in my ear.  I had to get up and write them down.

What a perfect time of year to ponder the idea of letting go! At the end of the year, we take stock of what the 2014 has taken from us and what it has brought to us.  There have been losses and there have been gains. The losses can make us feel bitter and of course the gains make us smile.

The things we lost may stymy us for a while and though it is easy for others to say, “Oh, just forget about it,” we all have to move at our own individual paces. Loss is loss and there is a grief process. The seven states of grief are:  1) shock & denial; 2) pain & guilt; 3) anger & bargaining; 4) depression, reflection & loneliness; 5) the upward turn; 6) reconstruction & working through and 7) acceptance & hope. {From: www.recover-from-grief.com/7-stages-of-grief.html}

It takes time to go through these stages, so we should be patient with ourselves.   I am reminded of Eric Carle’s children’s book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  The hungry caterpillar started eating and he ate and ate until he finally became a big, fat caterpillar.  He built a cocoon around himself and stayed inside for about two weeks.  He emerged as a beautiful, colorful butterfly.  The children love this story and I can still hear their wows when he came out in the end.

It is like our lives.  Sometimes we have to step back, retreat and like the butterfly, we build our cocoons and come back out when we are ready. Yesterday at the laundromat, I heard two little girls singing, Let it Go, the popular song from the movie Frozen.  I researched it and saw that Kristen Anderson Lopez and Robert Lopez wrote the lyrics and Idina Menzel sang it.  This stanza truly applies:

Let it go, let it go

And I’ll rise like the break of dawn

Let it go, let it go

That perfect girl is gone!

So, on this first day of December, as we prepare for the year’s end, we too must let go of what no longer serves us and look towards the bright future ahead!

Lynn                                                                                              December 1,  2014


2 thoughts on “Let It Go!

  1. What a great thing to ponder as we enter the new month: Let It Go! Thank you for this “food for thought” Lynn. It was also nice to be reminded of the Stages of Grief.

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