Let There Be Light!

lights pix

Lights! So many beautiful lights are putting us in the holiday spirit as they are draped over tree branches.  If we are feeling a little reluctant or in a humbug mood, those lights pull us into a more gentle feeling which softly says, “It’s here. ‘Tis the season to be jolly!”

I saw one tree which was lit up with the most unusual colors.  It had magentas and purples and pinks.  It was so different from the normal reds and greens that we see on houses and trees.  Later, as I was headed home, I saw two different porches that had all white lights.  These were small and delicate fixtures that gave a lace-like effect. Though they were bunched together, they still seemed to create a pattern or design of their own.  A nice light and majestic touch!

Lights are symbolic of showing us the way in darkness.  All of nature cleaves or moves towards the light.  Plants reach out towards the light as if to say, “Shower me with your radiance.  Nurture me.”  People with a green thumb can easily attest to the fact that very few plants can survive without sunlight.

We as human beings see light as a form of life and hope. All this week, our weatherman has been reassuring us that the sun would be back out, after a few dreary, cloudy days.  The light and sun lift our spirits more than realize it.

If we are walking down a dark street, we are always encouraged when we see a light.  It could be a lit lamp from a window or a porch light left on.  Each lets us know that someone is close by and it gives us silent hope.  A light illumines our paths and gives us that beckoning finger that points as if to say, ‘this is the way.’

Lights! We have our headlights on our cars to help us see the road.   We have our interior lights in our car to assist us in finding items. We have flashlights to use when the city lights have gone out for some reason.  We have spotlights to showcase our stars and celebrities.  We have lights from our lamps that help us to read, write, sketch or paint.  Morning light comes in through our windows to signal a new day.  Night skies are lit up with star lights offering us a promise of better things to come.

So when we see the shining and colorful lights of Christmas, we are nudged towards getting into the Christmas spirit.  Like a child, we are delighted and magically warmed by the holiday’s arrival.  The beautiful array of lights bring hope to our hearts and we can easily admit that it is the most ‘wonderful time of the year.’  Turn on the lights!

Lynn                                                                                                    December 11, 2014


2 thoughts on “Let There Be Light!

  1. Another beautiful post, Lynn! Light really is life, isn’t it? And isn’t it lovely that we celebrate special occasions with festivals of light! Your descriptions are lovely. Thank you!

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