Glitter, Sparkles and Bling!

Keep Calm and Sparkle

When I worked with young children in the library, we would make seasonal greeting cards. There would be special occasions such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Thanksgiving, to list a few.  But at Christmas, I would pull out the glitter.  And, oh my gosh!  The children’s little eyes would light up like I was pouring nuggets of gold.

Of course, I would not let them touch the little bottles.  That would have been disastrous because even with me doing the shaking, glitter still ended up on the floor, on my clothes and in my hair.  The janitor simply took a deep breath as he swept it up. Everybody is a little more tolerant at Christmas.

So, we as adults still have that same response to glitter and all things sparkly.  It is that time of the year when all is filled with scintillating wonder.  I was in Walgreen’s the other day and saw a red, sparkly butterfly.  It was made of voile and very pliable.  It had a clip on the back and was probably intended to be a tree ornament.  I had to have it and it was only 79 cents.  Too good to be true!

I went on to add another one which was a cluster of gold, shiny leaves with little jewel-like ornaments to my cart as well.  It also had a clip.  I did not think of a tree. I planned to put it on the lapel of one of my  coats to get into that sparkly feel of Christmas.  But, when I got home, I ended putting both of them on two different Fedora hats.  They still may adorn a coat at some point, but they each add to the feel of the holiday spirit.

Everything shines at Christmas.  I think of the silver icicles that are strewn on holiday trees.  I think of the many highly ornate Christmas tree bulbs.  As children, we used to have some that looked like there was a colorful liquid moving inside of the lit bulb.

Of course, the ultimate sparkly would be the stars.   Those cannot be matched. However, on earth, the ultimate sparkly would be some ‘bling.’  Who is not elated when receiving a little bling (street lingo for jewelry)?  The jewelers rack up during the Christmas season because everyone knows that jewelry brings an automatic smile to a loved one’s face.  Everybody likes a nice ring, watch, bracelet or necklace at Christmas.  It speaks volumes.

So, as we journey through this scintillating, glittery, blingy season, we can all enliven our holiday with that sparkly touch with something extra shiny!

Lynn                                                                                         December 15, 2014

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