A Visit with June Kearns!

I would like to thank June Kearns for agreeing to do this interview. She is a historical romance writer from the United Kingdom and she  is answering my questions about An Englishwoman’s Guide to the Cowboy which is set in Texas.  I am currently reading her other book 20’s Girl, the Ghost and all that Jazz.

June Kearns

Here are her answers to my questions:

Why did you choose Texas as the setting for An Englishwoman’s Guide to The Cowboy?

It all started when I was poring over old maps, trying to trace the path of cattle drives from the southern states of the US to the north, after the Civil War.

That’s when I first saw the size and scale of Texas. Wow!

All that open, empty land stretching to the horizon – from ocean in the south to mountains in the north – with every kind of landscape and all sorts of weathers.

As someone used to the neat fields and tidy hedgerows of England – I was entranced. (I’ve still never visited, though. P’raps one day!)

Why do you think McCall was drawn to Annie, in spite of her imperfections?

To begin with, I don’t think McCall was drawn to Annie at all. She was just a tiresome burden, holding him back from what he needed to do. It was her mind and spirit that eventually overcame his reservations about her. She wasn’t the least bit bothered about his being half-Sioux, either.

Do you think McCall admired Annie’s spunk? Why, or why not?

Bearing in mind that Annie came from Victorian England, where an un-gloved hand at the window of a carriage was considered risqué – here, she just hitched up her skirts and got on with it!

I think McCall admired that – as well as the way she stood up to the red-neck in the saloon, to defend a Sioux scout.

Often writers do not know where the path will lead. Did you know before writing this novel that McCall and Annie would end up together?

Oh yes! I certainly do.

I’ve always been drawn to plain, disadvantaged heroines Ever since reading Jane Eyre – (as a small, self-conscious little girl, who thought that no-one would ever fall in love with me!) –  I realised, thanks to Charlotte Bronte, that passionate relationships could be sparked by great conversations, argument and humour.

So, I want to cheer my characters on, help them win through and end up happy-ever-after-ish!

Englsihwomans guide

Thank you, June!

Lynn                                                                                      December 19, 2014



28 thoughts on “A Visit with June Kearns!

  1. Ah, so that’s where it comes from! Lovely to read some background to your delightful romance books, June. I haven’t read this one…yet 🙂 But I will. I thoroughly enjoyed the 20s girl, and especially because I love that period. I’ve realised I like ‘period’ novels more than historical novels as such, as it’s the whole atmosphere an ambience of the time that fascinates me.

  2. Lovely to read a little more inside information behind June’s book. I really like it, a great Western style book mixed with an English twist. I read both of June’s books earlier in the year and it says a lot about the characters when I can still picture them all.

  3. I prefer the description ‘period novels’ because, after all, yesterday is history but you wouldn’t necessarily describe a novel written about recent events, ‘historical’. Loved both of June’s books. She works really hard to get the details right and her heroes (swoon) are to die for.

  4. I was totally immersed in the Englishwoman’s Guide to the Cowboy – loved the heat and menace of late-1860’s Texas and McCall and Annie’s characters, a total escape into another time and place.

  5. I enjoyed reading this interview. I loved ‘An Englishwoman’s guide…’ and really felt as if I had been transported to Texas from my native England. The heroine, Annie, really has to put up with a great deal and I was rooting for her every step of the way. The 20’s girl is also well worth a read and part of that is set in Texas too.

    I’m really looking forward to June Kearn’s next book.

  6. Lovely interview. I so enjoyed both of June’s books. Her writing transports you right into each scene; such well-created characters and sparkling dialogue. Great to learn more about you and your stories, June Xx

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