Worn Out Conditions!

Catherine Ponder, A Unity author, speaks of worn-out conditions her book, The Millionaire Joshua.  Now that Christmas is over, we start looking forward to the New Year. We think about what no longer well serves us.

Ponder informs us that a worn-out condition can be recognized when we begin to fail at things that were once easy for us.  It could be a job where we were highly successful  but, due to a shift, nothing and no one seems to cooperate. We start showing up later and later. Or, we take days off because going there has become too painful. The message is that it is time to move on. We cannot ignore those nudges that are propelling us forward. These are the signs of worn-out conditions.

She writes, “You begin to fail where you had previously succeeded. That formerly successful situation becomes hostile, unfriendly, and inharmonious to you. It no longer cooperates with you because it is releasing you to your new good elsewhere! When this happens, failure is success trying to be born in a bigger way in your life, so let it be.”

This also applies to our personal relationships. Perhaps, none of the conversations flow anymore or the outings end in feuds. The compliments have stopped coming. Everything feels like an obligation and the next verbal onslaught is constantly anticipated. That’s when we need to pull out and play B.B. King’s “The Thrill is Gone.” We can then relay the message to the other person either face-to-face, phone, text, email, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or some trustworthy form of communication.

I think of people and situations that I have left behind for whatever reason. When there was an occasion to revisit them, it was as if time had stood still. It was similar to pushing play on a tape recorder that has been paused. Things resumed in the exact same spot. No growth. Nothing new. I quickly remembered why I left the situation and vowed to never try it again. As the saying goes,” Never the twain shall meet.” We realize that circles will never fit into squares.

As we approach 2015, we want to very careful about who and what we bring into our new season. We must carry some people or situations over into the New Year, but we can alter our approach as to how we deal with them. Years ago, there was a popular book called Codependent No More by Melody Beattie. It helps us deal with people in a less needy way and shows us how to function more independently.

But to those truly worn-out conditions we can say, “Sayonara” or “hasta la vista, baby” and throw them a worn-out condition wave. Then, we can move on into the light, open a new door and welcome all of the goodness blowing our way.

Lynn                                                                                                                        December 27, 2014


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