Phoenix’s Walk

In A Golden Leaf in Time Revised, Phoenix is fed up with the shabby treatment she has been receiving at her place of employment. She has requested assistance from the library administration and finds out that she is being transferred to another library branch.  She takes a walk to air out her feelings of disappointment.

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From:  Chapter 11 – Phoenix’s Imagination

Phoenix wanted to make a good impression and certainly did not want her guests to see what was really going on at the library. She boldly went into the library, and when she spoke, the two sitting at the desk said nothing. “Okay,” she said inaudibly. This along with the fact that Angel was in her parking spot let her know the tone of the day.

Phoenix went to her desk. She opened the book she had recently purchased called The Snow White Syndrome by Betsy Cohen. She stopped to read the following passage:

Envy is hostility, the withholding of friendship, hate stares, snubs, ridicule, cattiness, whispering, troublemaking, calumny, sulking, silence, acting injured, as if someone actually did something to hurt you. It’s uncalled-for temper tantrums, like slamming things down, walking very fast with heels banging on the floor (very common, like the woman who huffs and puffs . . .

It was so perfect for what she was experiencing, so she wrote it down verbatim and taped it to the leaflet on her desk. It seemed to be the right thing to do to express what she lived through on a daily basis. She also felt that it might help future staffs cope.

The library opened, and several of her favorite patrons came in to chat briefly. It was as if they could feel that something was happening. But then, she knew they knew. The community always knows. Shortly after those chats, a chief library administrator from the central office walked in, asked to speak with Phoenix, and informed her that she was being transferred immediately to another branch.

He said that she would be on a new six-month probationary period and told her where she would be reporting. It all happened so fast that Phoenix informed the head librarian that she wanted to take a walk around the community.

She left the library and started walking through the impoverished yet sainted neighborhood. She cried as she looked at the community children outside playing, who so sorely needed love and guidance. She walked on as the tears flowed, and instinctively, she ended up at one of the local elementary schools.

She headed toward the school library and the school librarian in the hallway. They had worked together in the past. She took one look at Phoenix and knew that a disaster had taken place.

The school librarian took Phoenix aside and kept reminding her that it was for the best. After Phoenix calmed down, she could hear the children singing from the music room. They were singing “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” It gave her the strength to leave the school and return to the library.

I chose this You-Tube video of Louis Armstrong singing “You’ll Never Walk Alone.”

           Lynn                                                                                                                     January 20, 2015

2 thoughts on “Phoenix’s Walk

  1. Lynn, it’s time for me to revisit A Golden Leaf in Time- the Revised Version. Thanks for sharing ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’, sung by Louis Armstrong. My mother used to play this song on repeat (on a 45), sung by Roy Hamilton. The lyrics are so powerful.

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