Yea or Nay?

In Warm Intrigues, Phoenix has put her relationship  with Tyre on hold after receiving some disconcerting news.  She needs time to sort out things.  After some time has passed, she finally calls him.

Warm Intrigues -Cover

Excerpt from: Chapter 27  – In Pain

Thirteen days had passed since the sharing of the letter. Phoenix had cried and sighed. The things that used to work to make her life tolerable were not working for her. She was bored easily. The movies, books, wine, or the overachieving at work did not fill the void.

As one of her old friends used to say, “Once you have had the filet mignon, nobody wants dog food.” She used to laugh at her friend, but at this point in her life, the meaning was surreal. She thought that she could just walk away and just forget that she had met this man. But the flight plan was not working.

Wherever she went, she heard his voice. She felt his touch. She saw into his eyes, and she could see the dimple revealing itself at the most unexpected times. She could no longer sedate herself by drinking. Phoenix had driven home from her mother’s that Sunday morning, and all of Septima’s words of wisdom were playing in her mind like a tape recorder.

Her mother never told her what to do, but she helped her sort out her own thoughts. She allowed Phoenix to see herself in a transparent way and left her the room to make her own choices. Of course, this is what any good friend or mate can do.

“Okay. Okay. I will do it!” she said looking up at the sky. “I will call him after midnight.” She called him. He picked up.

“Hello, Phoenix-bird,” he said softly. “I saw your name on the caller ID.” Her heart skipped a beat upon hearing his voice.

“Tyre,” she paused, “I can’t take it anymore.”

“Okay, I understand. Well, keep the ring as a token of my love,” he said.

“No, no,” she said as she shook her head.

“No, you don’t want the ring?” he asked.

“No, I mean. Yes, I want the ring. I want you too. That is what I am

trying to say,” she bumbled.

He was very quiet. All she heard was his breathing.

“Tyre? Are you still there?” Phoenix asked.

“Yes,” he said.

Lynn                                                                                                    January 24, 2015

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