Never Doubt!

“The moment when you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.” Peter Pan – J.M. Barrie

We may feel uncertain when asked to use skills that have been lying dormant and doubt ourselves, as in the quote from Peter Pan.  When we pull out those skills, dust them off and put them to use, we wonder if we still have it.  Will we be able to excel and showcase our talents?

Phoenix, in my novella,  A Golden Leaf in Time Revised, embarks upon a librarian position in another state.  Her wings have been tattered and torn from a former embattled job.  She had to go into warrior mode more often than she liked.  It had been unsettling and had definitely taken its toll on her.

Her coworkers schemed and tried to make her look incompetent due to professional envy.  The barrage of onslaughts exhausted her but did not totally break her spirit.  When it had become unbearable, she chose the flight plan, rather than sticking around for more fights.  She moved on to a new setting.

As in the above quote, there were moments when she felt that she would never be able to fly again.  Her heart was still heavy and she  felt as if she was carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders.  She questioned herself as she wondered if she would ever have enough enthusiasm or zeal to lift her confidence and help her to soar, professionally.

To her delight, she lands a new job after arriving to her new location.  It was a library again, but it was a far cry from the place where she had met her Waterloo. The former job was located in an impoverished area where many of its residents’ dreams had been broken and they were filled with hopelessness.  It was in an old part of the town which seemed to be virtually forgotten by the rest of the city.

But this job was in a wealthy suburb of a metropolis. The library structure itself was new and it was both beautiful and comfortable.  There was abundance all around.  She was inspired and chose to  give it her absolute best. Others noticed her efforts.

 ‘At her new job, one co-worker gave her a grand compliment. She said, “Phoenix, you are so conscientious. You work with something until you get it in perfect order.” She was referring to some of the book displays, graphic flyers, and bibliographies that Phoenix had created. Phoenix thanked her and knew within herself that this was a step-by-step process. Others felt that she was doing an outstanding job. She thought of Benjamin Franklin’s quote,“Well done is better than well said.”

Golden Leaf thumbnail

(Golden Leaf in Time Revised)

Phoenix felt buoyant and filled with hope.  She knew that she did still have it, and  that she  was truly flying again!

Lynn                                                                                                                                January 29, 2015

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