A Flight with Phoenix?

“How does one become a butterfly?” she asked.  You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar.” (Hope of the Flowers)

Tyre in Warm Intrigues, wants to fly again.  He is a young widower who has lost in love before but is now willing to take another chance on love.  When he meets Phoenix, all systems seem to go.  Everything feels right and he is wants to see if he can have a successful and fulfilling relationship.

Phoenix is smart, perky and he enjoys her company.  They have a lot in common and she is able to meet him at his own level, intellectually. Tyre experiences new and uncomfortable feelings as he falls deeper in love with Phoenix.  He wonders where things are headed.

                 ‘The questions bombarded him, and his insecurities were  remembered that in earlier years he would have disappeared or switched up and dated someone else. But after Flora, he realized that he wanted someone permanent in his life. The dating game was just too costly.

                    So he would talk with Phoenix and see if she would be honest about her intentions. Was it just a fling? Was he just someone to wine and  dine her? Was he simply someone to help get back out there in the field? He did not want to be headed in one direction while she was headed another.

                      The thought of passing her on to another man was more than he could bear to think about at the moment. He knew he had to slow himself down and keep his cool. He did not know if he could take a rejection from her, but he had to thicken his skin.

                 He would approach her and try to tell her how seriously he took their  friendship. She seemed to be a very levelheaded person, and he felt that he could broach the subject.”

Eventually, Tyre begins to feel more confident as the relationship grows. Their obvious compatibility lifts him above his own insecurities.  She is so ‘easy to love’ and this helps him exude more assertive feelings.  He sees her as someone who he would like to include in his future and he privately observes her.

                    They laughed and talked, and she walked as she spoke strongly on some  of her views on varied topics. He could see that this was a person who he  strong opinions and that compromise was inevitable for them. His eyes  followed as she pranced around the room and delivered her thoughts.   “Love it,” he thought.

Will Phoenix be the one to give Tyre his wings back?  Read Warm Intrigues and see!

Warm Intrigues -Cover

Lynn                                                                                                      January 30, 2015


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