‘I can see clearly now that the rain has gone.  I can see all obstacles in my way.’  Remember that song? The lyrics were sung by Johnny Nash and I pause whenever I hear it because just like the ebb and flow of the ocean, I am always overcoming something as I continually climb the totem pole of life.

Sometimes, the storms of life keep raging and it is comparable to the gift that just keeps on giving.  I wonder, “When will it stop?  How much more of the downpour and drenching can I endure?  When will I get to shake the water off as our pet animals do?” Too much of anything brings a level of discomfort.

But, we meander through the dark tunnel during life’s storms and fortify ourselves as we stand firm.  We may be tattered and torn, yet we must remain resilient.  I recently did a Q & A with Author Julie Freed and her book, Naked.  It focused on her determination to rebuild her life after a failing marriage during the devastation of the historic Hurricane Katrina.  She stated that she could see clearer after the rain. It is a notable work and well-worth reading.

When facing trying conditions or difficult circumstances, we should cleave to our hope, our senses and our faith when we’ve been thrust into situations not necessarily of our choosing.  The elders call it, ‘going through.’ If they see someone experiencing a challenge, they might say, “Oh, she is going through.” Winston Churchill wrote,If you are going through hell, keep going.”

When in the heat of the battle, our primary state of mind is usually confusion.  We wonder, ‘Why me?’ Or we may feel a sense of abandonment.  Our earthly helpers and our invisible helpers are doing more than we realize, but we still have to bear our own crosses.  They may feel heavy but we have to take a step back, get a stance, heave-ho and lift. Mary Baker Eddy writes, When the smoke of the battle clears away, you will discern the good you have done and receive according to your deserving.” 

And one day, “Voila!”  The sun appears!  The words from the song ‘Tomorrow’, say,The sun will come out tomorrow.  So you gotta’ hang on ‘til tomorrow, come what may!”   Everything will become crystal clear as all of the positive forces come together to get us to higher ground.  Then we can peer down from our new mountain and see how far we have traveled.  We can let out a huge sigh of relief, now that things have become wondrously clear!

Lynn                                                                                                                                  February 9, 2015

4 thoughts on “Clarity!

  1. Lynn, what a positive commentary on getting through “the storms of life”! Ironically, before reading your blog I heard two songs on the radio with lyrics that used to help me get through some challenging days: “Smile” by Kurt Franklin and “Shake It Off” by Mariah Carey.

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