What is Your Aura?

How do people feel when you enter their spheres?  What is your aura?  How do others feel when they encounter you for the first time?  What type of energy do you generate? These are questions that we need to ask ourselves as we make a checklist to see how we impact other people.

Do they smile and relax as they receive you with an openness?  Or, do their muscles tighten as they fold their arms across their chests, which is a strong indication of being on the defense?  Oftentimes, we do not know how we make others feel during those first meetings.  But, people unconsciously react to our aura and the energy that we exude and sent out into the atmosphere.  They respond to that energy whether it is positive or negative.

An aura is like steam that comes off of an engine or a radiator.  It has an air that does a multitude of invisible things and in turn, it has the ability to create its own responses.  If people smile when they meet us for the first time, we are probably smiling or emitting some feelings of warmth that others react to right away.  However, if people automatically put up a large guard, we could be wearing a frown that is causing them to distance themselves from us. Or maybe, we could have a haughty look of arrogance and project what appears to be a sneer. A silent competition may ensue because the other persons may feel that they have to prove their worth or value.

We are all basically sensitive by nature.  Some of us have stronger exteriors than others, but we all have that soft inner core that we are trying to protect.  If people feel threatened in our presence, some may immediately go on the offensive as if to say, “Let me attack you before you attack me.”  So, at various points in our lives, we need to ask ourselves, “What is my aura?  What am I transporting?  Why do people respond to me the way that they do?”

Og Mandino wrote, “I make my own weather, yea I transport it with me.”  If you are comfortable with your initial encounters with others, then I would say, “That is good.”  But, if you continually find yourself in situations where you are angry, upset or trying to prove some point with total strangers, then I would say it is time for you to do some inner work.  The self-help section of the bookstores is teeming with goodies that can get you ‘to happy’.  Or at least, you can get ‘to happier.’  And then, as one minister used to say, “You can become a joy to know!”

Lynn                                                                                                                                February 15, 2015

     aura image

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