The Endurance Test

At times, we all wonder if we will remain.  Each day is a test of endurance.  We are constantly challenged and bombarded and are metals are tested to see if we can endure.  Events test our characters to see what we are made of or to see if we have what it takes to keep on keeping on.

Stuart Wilde wrote, “Retreat can sometimes be the most powerful tool in your bag of tricks. It’s the ability to walk away when things are not right….” It may behoove us to take a step back or take the low road until we can really see what is going on.  That is why Marvin Gaye’s song What’s Going On? is such a timeless piece. We may have to minimize the screen as on a computer until we can put things into perspective and decide each occurrence’s level of importance.  Then, we can take that humble stance until we can sort out our priorities and see what is and isn’t important.

Or, we may have to act like the bull and continually run head on into the battle until we get the lesson and can truly advance on to higher ground.  Og Mandino wrote, “…the bravery of each bull is then rated with care according to the number of times he demonstrates his willingness to charge in spite of the sting of the blade.” (The Greatest Salesman in the World)  So, when in the heat of a battle, we must buckle down and use strategies that help us to stand firm until the tide changes.  But, endure we must.

And how do we do that?  There are many workable techniques.   We can:

  • Walk away from the troubling condition and find a pleasant replacement or diversion.
  • Go to the show or theatre.
  • Go shopping and enjoy a little retail therapy. (It is guaranteed to work).
  • Visit or call a friend and talk about something other than the problem.
  • But, if necessary, we can contact that trusted friend and VENT. We can let it all hang out by using a loud voice as we release some of the combustible energy.  Even a few expletives might be filtered throughout the conversation, but that is what real friends are for.  They get it.  Their day will be coming soon enough and we can then return the favor by being on the listening end of the spewing session.

If none of those alternatives work, then it might be time to contact the source of our angst.  As unpleasant as it may be, sometimes, we have to go for the gusto.  We might have to get in touch with the person who is creating the discomfort and attempt to have a conversation.  We can only try.  If a talk is on the table, then we can say, “Great.”  There is hope for growth and reconciliation in the relationship.

But, if we are met with high opposition by someone who claims that they, “Don’t know what you are talking about,’ we simply shrug our shoulders with an, ‘Oh well.’ We can chalk it up to experience knowing that we tried to make things better or at least tolerable.  We can cut our losses and move on.

We gently close the door, look straight ahead and keep on walking.  As The Temptations sang “Don’t Look Back.”  We breathe.  We shake it off knowing that we shall remain and endure as long as we keep jogging forward!

Lynn                                                                                                              February 18, 2015

2 thoughts on “The Endurance Test

  1. I enjoyed your suggested strategies for getting through life’s endurance test! I’ve certainly used a few of these through the years (especially the retail therapy)! 😉
    Another great Blog, Lynn!

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