May is one of my favorite months of the year! Once May arrives, I feel as if I can breathe a sigh of relief. Winter is gone and the mild temperatures have come as last. The earth is being refreshed and renewed and the flowers are in bloom.

I can look around and see the beauty of the new leaves and the reds, pinks and whites of the dogwood trees. I can breathe the fresh air as the marigolds and morning glories peek out with the sun.

For those who have taught school or spent time in varied levels of academia, it is a time when the standardized tests are over. The end of the school year is in view just like a crystal clear picture after a heavy fog has lifted. All that was nebulous and hidden now reveals itself in all of its glory!

Classes can be held outside. Nature walks can be taken as teachers continually educate the younger ones. The upperclassmen get ready for graduations as they anxiously purchase class pictures and caps and gowns.  And on that particular day, the graduates line up, helping each other zip up gowns and arrange that ever tricky point of the cap in the middle of the forehead. Or they tease one another as they try to figure out whether the tassel should be to the left or to the right before graduation.

Master commencement speakers write their speeches with special care, sincerely hoping that they can impart some pearls of wisdom that will stay with the listening graduates long after the recessional has taken place. Each speaker hopes to spark some of those going forward to strive for a life of excellence as the graduates reflect on their hard-earned rewards and fruits of their labor.

I think of proms. Long dresses. Tuxedos. Stretch limos. I see happy and crying parents taking pictures of their young who are truly embarking upon adulthood. There are tears for the victories and for the wars that it took to get to these special milestones.

Yes, May is a joyous month. It starts with the celebrations of May Day and its Maypole decorations of beautiful ribbons filled with fresh flowers. It includes Mother’s Day as we honor the carriers and nurturers of the human race. What a mighty calling!

So, I smile when I truly realize that it is May. It is one of my favorite months out of two. The other? It will be discussed at a later time. How do you feel about the glorious month of May?

Single rose

May 2, 2015


2 thoughts on “May!

  1. I so enjoyed reading your thoughts on the month of May! My sentiments, exactly! I love the beauty of the many colorful flowers, trees blooming, and especially the warmer weather. May is my favorite month of the year because I celebrate Mother’s Day and my Birthday!

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