It is Already Happening!

There is a children’s book called “You’re Better than You Think.” I thought of it as I was about to write my daily “Gratitude Page.” We often focus on what’s going wrong or we wait on that next item on our wants list to manifest itself.

Sometimes, we have to slow down and see what is going on right now. I had a former supervisor who reminded us to take time to simply “be.” We are so busy saying give me, give me, give me and we forget to check off what has already been received, received, received.

Life is not perfect and sometimes we are dancing right in the middle of a long-awaited dream. We dreamt it and if we clear away the fluff and be really honest, we are actually fulfilling one of our long-held dreams. It is happening as we speak. Now. The conditions are already ripe and our dreams are in fruition and a continual work in progress.

How many times have I said, “I wish I had time to write.” And when I stop complaining and take a moment, I have to say, “I am writing. I am writing now.” I have published and I blog on a regular basis. I am sharing my innermost thoughts with those who care to listen.

So when we slow it down, breathe, take an honest inventory, we can see that we are living our dream. Two years ago, I was not able to do what I am doing now. I suggest that we do a checklist and compare what was going on two years ago to where we are now.

How many of our dreams have come true? Are we working that plan and seeing the fruits of that labor? Take a close looksy. Some of those dreams are already happening!

May 14, 2015

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