Holding Hands!

One of my coined phrases is, “Hold hands and trust the process.” A little child reaches for an adult’s hand which offers reassurance and security. It can offer strength to a little one, and in turn, offer the feeling of being needed for the adult. The warmth and comfort of this simple gesture speaks volumes.

I listened to a family member speak at his father’s funeral and he talked about how his parents always went on walks together and held hands. I thought then, “How beautiful!” That is how they problem solved. Walking, talking and holding hands.

I recently wrote a scene where my two characters are holding hands. Readers may wonder how writers come up with so many things to share with their audiences. It is simple. We listen intensely, we observe and we notice details. We replicate real life and we never know when something we heard long ago will serve as a great model for describing a scene.

I am glad that I heard that story because it gave me a nice picture to envision. Now I am borrowing it. I am also happy that the speaker remembered that about his parents. Some see and really see and some see and only look. There is a difference.

The fact that these are adults holding hands is significant as well. Many couples are not brave enough to show that level of affection in public spaces. But for those who are oblivious to the opinion of others, it sends a strong message.

It truly says:
We are going through this together.”
“Or, “We are in it to win it.”
Or, “Don’t worry about a thing.”
Or, “This is the person that I am walking through life with and I want the world to know.

And the list can go on and on. It definitely says that these two individuals are linked together. They can safely say, “Let’s hold hands and trust the process.

May 16, 2015

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