Many Versions!

I wonder how many writers have had a many-layered approach as they created their works. We have an idea in mind and then some reviewer’s sensibilities may make us change the original plan. Or it could be an editor who decides what goes and what stays.

When researching writers’ works, there have often been many versions of a manuscript. Ultimately, a decision has to be reached and a writer’s original intent may have been comprised in some way. If the readers are pleased in the end, it is okay.

But, sometimes writers end up ‘throwing the baby out with the bath water,” so to speak. I looked over a revised version of my original work and I was a little disappointed to see that in the altered state, perhaps out of fear, I took out a portion which I was about to capitalize on in a new work.

Oh well. I now see what other writers have endured when writers’ closets are finally opened. There are often several variations of the final product. Sometimes, popular opinion or the fear there of, force changes to be made. No one wants to be offensive nor politically incorrect. Some readers have actually told authors what they wanted to read in their novels.

So, in an effort to get it right, writers may end up throwing the meat from the sandwich. And once they have discovered that they have done this, it is  then their responsibility to go and get the meat or substance and put it back into the piece. Plan A usually works best. And after that has been done and the work has been digested, the reader can sigh, “Ah. Yummy!”

May 18, 2015


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