Keep it Moving!

After recently reading a book called Jackie After O by Tina Cassidy, I thought of the importance of moving on.  Those of my generation came to admire this iconic woman who was stoic in the unimaginable loss of her Presidential husband.

But this book focused on her accomplishments after her husbands, Kennedy and Onassis.  She went on to help save the beautiful Grand Central Station in New York City; assisted in setting up a historic landmark society; continually worked as an interior designer after re-decorating the White House and became a successful book editor with Viking and Doubleday publishers.

She went from a woman of privilege to one who actually reported to work on daily basis. She encouraged me to keep it moving.  I have always been inspired by strong women like this and many are on my “watch and take notes” list.

When the canoe has begun to go around and around, a smart person will take to the helm and continue the journey forward.  Kathryn Hepburn said. “As one goes through life, one learns that if you don’t paddle your own canoe, you don’t move.”

Moving on is essential.  When one door closes, another one truly opens but we must be vigilant so that there are no missed opportunities.  When life knocks us down, we pause.  We may stand still for a while and even wallow in our grief.  But after the tears have dried, we pick ourselves up and keep it moving.

As long as we are still breathing, we have a responsibility to keep the train chugging forward.  As Curtis Mayfield sang, “Keep on Pushing.”  If we stop, look and listen, we will see which new door has blown open.  We will see that beckoning hand gesturing, “This way!”

Lynn                                                                                May 25, 2015


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