Seeds Sown!

Sometimes when we sow seeds, we do not realize that the harvest will be there to catch us during the tough times. We are so busy sharing our gifts and talents because we enjoy doing so but then, when we need that soft cushion, the fruits of our labor keep us buoyant.

It’s like bouncing on a trapeze and eventually landing safely on a fluffy surface. When we rest and reflect on the journey itself, we remember some of things we shared from many years before and we can say, “Oh yeah! I recall.”

I write this as I realize that a place where I had given service many years ago is now giving back to me, in a nurturing way. This time around, I truly need the love and the hugs. I suppose that’s what it means to rest on your laurels. Our good boomerangs back our way.

I also think of my former students who I took extra time to guide and direct. I wondered if they heard me and received my countless messages. I wanted them to see and understand where the real jewels of life are hidden. And now, like magic, they have emerged as responsible young people making good choices. It makes me proud that I had a hand in their evolving. I see them continually running the race set before them as they become spokespersons for their generation.

Clifton Davis, the actor from the sitcom Amen, gave a sermon at our church one year. It was called, “Cast Your Bread Upon the Waters.” I bought that tape and I played it until the reels from the inside came apart. It has stayed with me. I have come to know that it truly works.

Good seeds do come back to bear bountiful fruit. So, fling out those seeds of goodness and they will be there to break your fall when the going gets rough. As stated in Ecclesiastes 11:1, “Cast thy bread upon the waters; for thou shalt find it after many days.”

June 5, 2015


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