Get off the Carousel

Have you ever felt that you keep having the same negative experiences over and over again? The same people are dishing out of the same stuff and giving you the same feelings of angst?

Well, you have the power to say,” Enough already!” When the carousel slows and the momentum comes down to a slowing halt, you simply get up, brush yourself off and get off. Stop the repetitive motion!

We were discussing carousels in a classroom the other day and we compared them to merry-go rounds? Carousels have varied creatures to ride whereas merry-go rounds only have horses. Yet, they both have two simultaneous motions. The creatures or horses go up and down as they go round and round.

It is much like our lives. We have our ups and downs and if we are not mindful, we will find ourselves going around and around. We rehash and relive the same old painful events until we decide that it is time to move forward. No more circles! It’s time to go forth in a straight line!

Some folks never get off of the carousels or merry-go-rounds. They still recall the unhappy circumstances from their childhoods and go through every dark stage of their existence from their teen years on into their adult lives.

We can listen to these lengthy sagas for a season, but after so many tales of woe, even a pup would take his paws and cover his floppy ears as if to say, “Give me a break already!” When we see certain folks coming, we quietly start looking for an exit plan. We start thinking, “Oh. Got to go because the baby is crying.” (Privately knowing that there is no baby around.) Or as Erma Bombeck wrote, “I can’t hear you when the water is running.”

So, be a light of hope and after you have told the tale, decide that you are finished with it. In some children’s stories, the endings say, “Snip, snap, snout. This tale is told out!” Give everybody else a break and mostly give yourself one by climbing down from the dizzying carousel!

June 7, 2015


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